7 March 2012: Grant Morgan: Technical Director, Efficient Microbes. Earth Saving Revolution: An insight into the technology of Effective Microorganisms.

9 May 2012: Wlady Altermann, Department of Geology, University of Pretoria. The CO2-rich Precambrian atmosphere, Bushveld Mining and CO2 sequestration opportunities in South Africa.

1 August 2012: Dave Rawley, Education Programme Director, Bloodhound Project, SA. BLOODHOUND SSC: World Land Speed Record Attempt (Presented in association with SAASTA and the Sci-Enza during National Science Week 2012)

5 September 2012: Lizette Koekemoer, Vector Control Reference Laboratory, Centre for Opportunistic, Tropical and Hospital Infections, National Institute for Communicable Diseases Assessing the sterile insect technique for malaria mosquitoes in a South African setting.