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Vautin, Claude Theodore (metallurgy)

Born: Date not known, Place not known.
Died: Date not known, Place not known.

Claude T. Vautin appears to have been a British metallurgist. By 1888 he resided in the Cape Colony and was a partner with James C. Newbery in the Newbery Vautin Gold Extraction Company. That year they invented or improved a process, involving bromine and chlorine, for extracting gold from its ores, and patented it in Natal Colony and in the South African Republic (Transvaal). The next year Vautin and others were involved in a legal case brought by the Sheba Gold Mining Company.

In 1890 Vautin published a paper, "On the occurrence of the gold in the Witwatersrand conglomerate", in the Witwatersrand Mining and Metallurgical Review. During the next few years he published several further papers in British journals: "The decomposition of auric chloride obtained in the chlorination of gold-bearing materials" (Transactions of the Institution of Mining and Metallurgy, 1892-1893); "The 'direct' method of producing refined copper" (Ibid, 1893-1894); "The electrolysis of fused salts" (Journal of the Society of Chemical Industry, 1894); and, as joint author with H. Goldschmidt, "Aluminium as a heating and reducing agent" (Ibid, 1898).

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