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Quoy, Mr Jean Rene Constantin (conchology, ichthyology)

Born: 10 November 1790, Place not known.
Died: 4 July 1869, Place not known.

Jean R.C. Quoy was a French zoologist. In 1824 he and Joseph P. Gaimard* described the fishes collected by the expedition of Louis C.D. de Freycinet* in 1817-1820, in one of the volumes of Freycinet's Voyage autour du monde.... According to Pappe (1866) they were part of this expedition and collected sea fishes at the Cape in 1818, being the first scientists to do so. From 1826 to 1829 both Quoy and Gaimard served as naturalists on L'Astrolabe for a voyage around the world under the command of J. Dumont D'Urville. They visited the Cape, where the naturalists collected shells around Table Bay and the Cape Peninsula. The results of the expedition were described in Voyage de d?couvertes de l'Astrolabe, ex?cut? par ordre du Roi, pendant les ann?es 1826-1829..., a multi-volume work published in Paris in 1830-1835. The zoological descriptions were written by Quoy and Gaimard and included South African molluscs. They described only two species of fishes from the Cape. Meanwhile Gaimard, with Quoy as co-author, had published over 20 papers during 1824-1830, most of them in the Annales des Sciences Naturelles, in which they described numerous zoological specimens collected by the expeditions of Freycinet and D'Urville. Two genera and several species were named after Quoy.

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